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Rep. Becca Balint Statement on Passage of Republican Rules Package

Rep. Becca Balint Statement on Passage of Republican Rules Package 

Washington, D.C – Last night, Rep. Becca Balint (VT-AL) voted to oppose the Republican rules package. The package brought to the floor by the Republican-led Rules Committee includes many of the concessions Speaker McCarthy made to the extreme right-wing which would pave the way for the MAGA agenda to reach the House floor. By voting “no” Rep. Balint is opposing allowing the far-right to hold the Speaker hostage to their agenda, attempting to end Congressional staff unionization, reinstating rules to target civil servants, and giving Committee Chairs unprecedented power. 

Republican’s first priority bill in this new Congress is designed to help the wealthy avoid paying their fair share by rescinding critical funding that allows the IRS to control tax evasion from the ultra-rich. Rep. Balint plans to partner with Republicans this Congress to solve problems for her constituents, however, she stands ready to oppose Republican extremism and attacks on the health of American democracy. 

“The Republicans’ extreme rules package puts issues like reproductive freedom, climate action, and election reform at risk,” said Rep. Balint. “Here in Washington, I am focused on fighting for Vermonters by addressing the mental health crisis and the extreme housing shortage. This rules package obstructs progress on these urgent issues affecting working families. Democrats stand united in opposing the extreme right-wing agenda brought to the House floor this Congress.”